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We strive to create an integrative platform that enables the seamless utilisation of educational resources and the shaping of tomorrow's education.

raisingSALA is a user-friendly and comprehensive platform that integrates curricula, local resources and networking opportunities, providing access to education for all children, young people and learners worldwide. We help educators and teachers plan and document learning progress to ensure smooth interaction with authorities and maximise educational opportunities for everyone. 

The centrepiece of raisingSALA is our user-friendly planning tool. This tool integrates learning objectives into a calendar and allows guardians and teachers to plan and tick off learning objectives via dag&drop. It offers an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to create and customise daily, weekly and monthly lesson plans.

An automatic dossier feature creates detailed documentation of planned and completed learning objectives. This document serves as evidence for the authorities and enables smooth interaction. The dossier can be updated automatically and printed out or sent digitally if required.

The platform provides comprehensive information about educational resources and learning opportunities in your area. This includes local libraries, museums, learning centres and other educational institutions. By providing this information, raisingSALA helps to extend learning beyond traditional school resources.

raisingSALA facilitates networking with local learning centres and teachers. This allows you to organise personal lessons or tutoring, no matter where you are. Our platform offers a database of qualified teachers and learning centres that can be filtered according to various criteria. 

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raisingSALA was founded in 2022 by Cécile Fuchs with the aim to get (the desired) education anywhere in the world. Due to her brother, who is going on an indefinite trip around the world with his wife, children and camper van from July 2022, discussions arose within the family about how the children can get (school) education.

raisingSALA is the name of the two children who go on a world tour, is symbolic of all who want to learn and all children who need access education. It also means growing and building.

It should be possible to tell new stories, a forward-looking attitude and a sense of sustainability is the basis of this company.

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