Parents who wish to teach their children/young people at home need a permit for private tuition. The permit includes the following (Article 2 or Article 2a VSG Volksschulgesetz):

  • Accompanying a harmonious development of a young person's abilities.
  • Promoting physical, psychological and social well-being, protecting mental and physical integrity. Maintaining a climate of respect and trust.
  • Awakening the will for tolerance and responsible action towards fellow human beings and the environment, as well as understanding for other languages and cultures.
  • To provide the knowledge and skills that form the basis for vocational training, secondary education and lifelong learning.
  • Ensure smooth entry into a public school.
  • A pedagogically trained person must be available to guide the guardians on how to achieve goals.
  • Goals of Lehrplan 21 must be achieved. Here you can find the planning aid from raisingSALA
  • Language of instruction must be adapted to the official language of the region except: if the person teaching has a foreign language qualification.
what do you need to know
  • Up to 5 children, a permit for private tuition must be submitted. From 5-10 children, it is clarified whether a permit for private tuition or public school is granted. From 10 children, a permit for public school is issued.
  • The approval process takes 3-6 months. Give yourselves enough time. During this time, your school-age child will have to attend public school. The start of private tuition can, however, also begin during the semester after the permit has been issued.
  • If you have just moved to Berne, you can go to the school inspectorate or submit an application from the first day.
  • The legal guardians must have pedagogical training. If this is not possible, a person with pedagogical training must be available to advise the parents. The teacher's certificate must be presented when the application is submitted. This pedagogically trained person must teach in the official language of the canton, know the contents of Curriculum 21, have attended subject-related further training, be trained in the level and already have teaching experience at this level. If this is not the case, it must be explained in the application why the person was nevertheless chosen or how he or she has the necessary knowledge.
what do you need to know
  • The application is awarded for 1 year. However, it is not necessary to submit a new application every year. A new permit is issued on the basis of the report and the interviews.
  • Seek advice from the school inspectorate or make an appearance. This should facilitate the cooperation for approval.
  • Once the permit has been submitted, someone from the school inspectorate will come to inspect the future learning environment.
  • Notify the local school authority (with a copy to the school inspectorate) that your child is now being home-schooled (surname, first name, date of birth, school year/semester) no later than 2 weeks after permission has been granted.
  • Bis jeweils 30. Juni muss jährlich eine Berichterstattung über das ganze Schuljahr an das zuständige Schulinspektorat abgegeben werden. Here you will find your Planner at raisingSALA plus a template for reporting. 

Application contents

to be considered
  • a fully completed Gesuch with signature of all legal guardians
  • The teacher's certificate of a legal guardian or of the teacher assisting the legal guardian. If you don't have someone to help you, you may find a suitable person here.
  • A rough annual plan.
  • Timetable of a quarterly or semester planning of lessons with the following content: Reference to Curriculum 21 must be planned adequately to the workload.
  • A timetable showing when, where and with whom each subject is taught. Attention is paid to the balance of subjects, teaching locations and people.
  • A list of already existing or planned Teaching material of the canton of Bern.
  • If planned: Visit supplementary offers
  • Photos and introduction of the family, the place of residence, the place(s) of instruction, the teaching staff.

You can easily create and export the annual plan, weekly plans and detailed planning here with the help of raisingSALA.

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